The Best UK Mobile Network Perks: From an Xbox One to Priority Gig Tickets

By Spencer Hart on at

Yesterday EE, T-Mobile and Orange customers gained a new movie-watching perk with the announcement of 'EE Film Club'. The service is a replacement for the much loved 'Orange Wednesdays' promotion, which provided users with two-for-one cinema tickets.

If you're not impressed with the company's new offering, then you've come to the right place. We've collected all the mobile network freebies in one post, to help you, our dear readers, bag a bargain with your next contract.


O2 offer several perks to their customers, the most important of which is 'Priority Rewards'. This service provides users with exclusive access to pre-sale tickets for gigs and live events. This is a great perk if you frequently see live music, but it doesn't have the wide-ranging appeal of film tickets. Priority Rewards also offer discounts in high street outlets, and the opportunity to win prize draws.

Customers are also entitled to a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium which is worth £35. This is very useful if you already use the service and want to upgrade. If you have 5GB, 10GB or 20GB tariff then you'll be able to access Sun+ Goals, which allows users to watch highlights of every Premier League fixture.

Finally, if you're visiting an O2 venue, such as the O2 Arena, customers of the mobile network get fast-lane entry, access to an exclusive bar and lounge, or free food and drink.


Three doesn't offer any gimmicky give-aways, instead it has the 'Feel at Home' service, which allows all of its customers to use their smartphone abroad at no extra cost. Feel at Home currently covers 16 countries, including Australia, France, Italy, and the US, with Spain and New Zealand soon to be added. Three also currently offers 12 per cent off hotel prices if booked through the Expedia app.

Of course, 4G also comes with Three contracts at no extra cost -- so we'll count that as a freebie as well.

EE / Orange / T-Mobile

We've already learnt about EE Film Club, which provides users with a download from the streaming service every week between Monday and Wednesday for £1. Customers will be to pick from "a wide range of films -- including new releases."

EE also has a scheme similar to O2, in which its customers can get early access to sporting and music events at Wembley Stadium. The network will also be at the Glastonbury festival, ensuring all of its users get a 4G signal and to provide the option to charge mobile phones.


Vodafone run a 'Freebee Rewards' scheme, which rewards its customers with a certain number of points depending on how much they spend. These reward points can then be used to get instant rewards, or saved for larger prizes. Instant rewards include music downloads or high street discounts, while the larger prizes could be a new phone or camera.

If you take out a Red 4G package with Vodafone, you'll have the option to choose from either a subscription to Now TV, Spotify Premium, or Sky Sports Mobile. The subscriptions can last up to 24 months, depending on your monthly spend, which seems like a good deal for those premium services.

Mobile by Sainsbury's

Nectar points are obviously the main focus here. Sainsbury's Mobile SIM-cards can be linked to your loyalty card to earn double points on all shopping and fuel (for the 30-day duration of the bundle) and double points for every pound spent topping-up.

Up to four mobile accounts can be linked to one Nectar Card, meaning customers are capable of earning 5x the normal amount of points.

Tesco Mobile

Just like Sainsbury's, with Tesco Mobile you'll get Clubcard points for every £1 you spend (but it won't be double points). These can be used for anything from grocery shopping to air miles.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is the king when it comes to giving freebies with mobile phone contracts - as long as you don't mind getting a slightly older, budget device. Carphone Warehouse is offering iPad Minis, Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4s, smartwatches, 40-inch televisions, laptops and cashback.

OK, so they're not strictly free; the contract prices are greatly inflated (think iPhone 6 money for a budget Nokia Lumia), so you end up paying for it in the end, obviously.

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