The Creme Egg Burger is an Edible Heart Attack

By Gerald Lynch on at

And lo, on March 17th of the 2,015th year of our lord, humanity committed another sin against cholesterol levels with the Creme Egg Burger.

Yep, you read that right. As we strive to push our salt-and-sugar filled bodies into an ever-earier grave, someone has created the king of dessert burgers, the gooey Creme Egg Burger.

The dish has been cooked up by cardiac culinary experts at the K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherds Bush, and will be on its new Spring Rocks Afternoon Tea Menu from March through to the end of spring. And it sounds pretty bloody tasty. According to the Studio Kitchen team:

The mini slider burgers are made from a sweet brioche bun dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. This is topped with the ‘burger’ - a gooey melted crème egg, mascarpone cream, and a good helping of strawberry jelly.

The sliders will cost £5.50 for a portion of two, while the full Afternoon Tea spread costs £22.50 per person.

While it looks great, let's all bow our heads for a moment and pray that the chefs are using last year's Cadbury's Creme Egg recipe, rather than the chalky new one that's hit the shelves this year. Still, either way I'd bet my life it tastes better than dairy's answer to the Pot Noodle, the monstrosity that is the Yowk pre-boiled egg. [K-West]