The Empire Strikes Back is The Next (Ridiculously Expensive) Secret Cinema Screening

By Gerald Lynch on at

2015 is the year of the Star Wars renaissance. We've established that, what with the Force Awakens' release set for Christmas, right? It certainly hasn't passed Secret Cinema's fancy-screening production team by; kicking off on June 4th 2015, it's putting on a large scale interactive showing of The Empire Strikes Back.

Running from June 4th to August 2nd, just a quick word of warning before you dust off your Lando Calrissian costume; adult tickets cost £75 each, with child tickets (12-17 years) £50. On sale from 1pm next Wednesday 18th March, that's just insanely expensive.

Tell you what -- I've got the Blu-rays, a big telly and an outdoor space we can use; send me a fiver, BYOB, I'll dress up as a Stormtrooper and everyone's happy on the cheap, right?

Either way, get yourself in the mood by reading up on that time we met up with Jeremy Bulloch, the one and only Boba Fett, the elder statesman of intergalactic badassery. [Secret Cinema]