The Giz Watch Census: Pebble is the Smartwatch for Apple Watch to Beat

By Matt Hill on at

Around this time last month we asked the Giz UK community what watch they were wearing. With the Apple Watch now upon us, we thought it was a good time to take stock of who exactly it's up against when getting in with the tech crowd (if, indeed, it wants to).

As an admittedly small, but conveniently round, sample of 100 gave us the necessary data, we decided to extrapolate like crazy and show the findings in colourful representative charts made on Kids' Zone tools. We recommend them if only for their simplicity.

First up: the death of the watch has been greatly exaggerated, it seems, as 95% of Giz UK owns a watch.

Which is a good start for a watch poll. Or is the poll skewed by the fact that only watch-wearers would respond to a story about a watch? More likely, sure, but a couple of you did check in to say you didn't own a watch… So thanks for that, it makes this all feel more valid.

Within that, though, we had an important distinction (info emphasis on), with 67% saying they had a traditional watch and 35% reporting they had a smartwatch. Some had both, of course, which is why these figures aren't so round.

But most intriguing, of course, was what watches were on those wrists (chart colours set to maximum). Of the non-smart-owning variety, Casio and Citizen reign:

While the clear front-runners in the connected crowd are Pebble and Moto:

Moto's prominence here is particularly striking as it's all on the back of the 360, with Pebble split between classic and Steel flavours.

But how does this all break down when they're all mixed together. Is a traditional watch or smartwatch the overall winner on the wrists of the Giz UK community?

And Casio edges it. By 1% from Pebble, who despite losing out on the top spot had the most owned watch in the original Pebble. Go you early adopters. With Pebble's new Time Steel drawing admiring glances, though, this appeal looks set to continue.

Of course, any logical person would point to the fact that the dominance of the lower price-end Pebble simply proves that Apple's high-end Watch varieties are well aimed at a market that appears currently untapped. But hey, then we wouldn't have had those lovely charts.

Think the charts are skewed as you didn't speak up last time? Let us know down below.