The Silk Road Mastermind Just Applied for a Retrial

By Chris Mills on at

Last month, it took a jury of peers just four hours to convict Ross Ulbricht on seven counts related to his running of The Silk Road. But Ulbricht isn't giving up that easy — his lawyer has applied for a do-over.

In a court filing submitted yesterday and spotted by Ars Technica, Ulbricht's superstar lawyer Joshua Dratel alleges that the government "failed to provide exculpatory material and information in a timely manner". He also brings up an argument used during the trial, that the government conducted " warrantless TOR network surveillance on a TOR exit node", which should make evidence about Silk Road servers in Iceland inadmissible.

The government has until April to respond to Dratel's filing; if the request for a retrial isn't granted, Ulbricht will be sentenced to a good few years in jail come May 15th. [Ars Technica]