The Stainless Steel Apple Watch is Made in Mount Doom

By Casey Chan on at

Apple has a video showing off how it makes the stainless steel Apple Watch and it looks a lot like they're using Tolkien magic to make the watch's case inside Mount Doom in Mordor. You get to see glimpses of the entire process, from the alloy they use to seeing the molten stages and cold forging and milling and polishing processes.

The video is totally Apple tooting its own manufacturing process but it's always fun to see cool machinery turn metal into fun things. The stainless steel version of the Apple Watch is the semi-decent compromise of being semi-reasonable (AKA not spending eight grand on a watch that will be outdated in a few years) and semi-good looking (AKA not looking like the bottom of a beer can) out of the three versions of the Apple watch and it's cool to see how it's made.

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