The Tallest Buildings on Each Continent Throughout History, Visualised

By Casey Chan on at

I love these fantastic charts from Halcyon Maps that show which skyscrapers or churches or temples or mounds of dirt or other structures that have been the tallest buildings on each continent throughout history. You can see the ridiculous skyscraper arms race that develop in each area over the years and see what outdid who.

Halcyon Maps writes:

The chart shows the name and to-scale silhouette of each building, the years during which it was the continent's tallest, and year of construction(unless it's the same as the year when it became the world's tallest).

For comparison, numerous structures that are not actual buildings(pyramids, observation towers, monuments) were featured on the chart for their cultural significance, but were not counted as the "tallest building". Red-tinted buildings on the charts have also held the record for the world's tallest building at least once during their existence. All height figures represent pinnacle height, not roof height.

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