The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

We are right in the middle of MWC 2015 right now, and we're seeing a nice selection of phones and mobile-related gadgetry. The HTC One M9, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung Pay, a bunch of stuff from Huawei, and a pretty sweet (and expensive) 200GB microSD card.

MWC is not really an app-related event, but that's not going to stop us from running head first into this week's big list. Enjoy

iPhone Apps

Tidal Feedback: We all love to express our opinions, it's the British way of life. But aside from the chance to write a strongly worded review, what do we actually get out of it? Tidal Feedback gives you the chance to do that without sacrificing your anonymity, as well as offering prizes to give you an extra incentive and help businesses improve. [Free]

Dojo: Visiting London but don't know where to go and what to see? You could go for the regular touristy stuff, but you can do better than that. Dojo will help you find some of the best places to visit during your time in the capital, whether attractions or restaurants and everything in between. [Free]

Citymaps: A mapping app that lets you collect all of your favourite locations in one place, and it's had a nice big update of improvements. The design has been completely redone and simplified, it's been expanded to every town and city in the world, and it'll learn about you and personalise to your tastes. [Free]

Pop: sometimes a text message doesn't quite cut it, so why not send someone a short video message instead? It's much more emotive that way. Obviously data limits are an issue, so Pop has taken that into account and promises to go easy on the amount of data it uses. [Free]

Runbit: Most exercise apps are fairly basic, but there are always a few of them that make it more fun. The latest update turns Runbit into one of those apps, by turning your run into a game where you have to collect stars. So a bit like Super Mario 64, but with exercise instead of Italian plumbers and mushroom people. [Free]

iPad Apps

MagicPlan: If you want to create maps of the indoors, you need MagicPlan on your tablet. It only takes a few minutes, and all you need to do is take pictures of the rooms. From there you can add objects, annotations, and so on. No need for measuring, moving furniture, or drawing. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Forge by Adonit: At first glance this seems like just another sketching app, but Forge is more focused on brainstorming ideas on the go with the ability to witch between them with ease. You can also see them all side by side on the project wall, making it easier than ever to see what projects you have on the go at the same time. [Free -- with premium in-app purchase]

Evernote Scannable: The handy scanning app that will digitise your documents and upload them directly to Evernote has just had an upgrade. Image processing is now faster and more accurate, there have also been improvements to business card detection and the 'Always Save to Evernote' function. [Free]

Jelly Jump: In this one you have to keep a piece of jelly above the water and keep it from drowning. It's not just a vertical endless runner, though, you have to time your jumps perfectly so that you don't get trapped beneath the extending bridges. It sounds simple, but it's devilishly tricky. [Free]

TypeSnippets: Tired of having to write out long-winded pieces of text, like email addresses or phone numbers? Rather than having to retype them each time, you can use TypeSnippets by giving you a keyboard filled with all the text you use all the time. [Free -- with premium purchase]

Android Apps

iA Writer: A truly minimalist text editor that's proven to be a hit on iOS devices already. There are no fonts or fancy formatting options, so you can focus entirely on the text. That makes it a bit like Microsoft's Notepad, but with Dropbox sync that makes sure all your documents are saved and backed up. [£3.99]

SMSmart: You can't always be online, and sometimes you have a phone data-limit to think about. You know what a lot of contracts come with these days? Unlimited texting. So why not have a system that lets you use your apps without needing any data? SMSmart does all that for you with a whole variety of apps, including data intensive things like mapping. [Free]

Prezi: Prezi is presentation tool with a more fluid motion, rather than the standard click and advance slide system in Powerpoint, say. This is a companion app, and it lets you present and control your presentations from anywhere in the world – even if you're not in the same location. [Free]

SoundHUD: If you want quick and easy access to your volume controls, SoundHUD gives you a customisable control panel so you can dictate what sound comes out of your phone. As a bonus, Lollipop users will finally be able to get a true silent mode. [Free]

Jump Rope Wear Counter: If you're into skipping, and you want to keep track of your jump count you have two options: buy a smart skipping rope, or download this app. Jump Rope Wear Counter works on phone and on Android Wear, and it keeps count of each jump you make so that you don't have to. It also keeps track of how many calories you're burning and integrates with Google Fit. [£0.99]

Windows Phone Apps

Readly: If Netflix gives you unlimited access to its video catalogue for a set monthly fee, shouldn't there be something for magazines? Turns out there is, and it's called Readly. For £10 per month you have unlimited access to over 750 UK magazines, and their back catalogues, on all of your devices – including Windows Phone. [Free -- with subscription]

HappyTrips Travel Guide: The ultimate app for gaining some holiday inspiration, HappyTrips apps will help you plan your trip by showing you the kind of things that are on offer when you go away. You can see galleries, read reviews, and find all the contact information you need, all within this handy little app. [Free]

4Effects: Adding a filter to your photo is such a mainstream thing to do, so why would you do that when you can add four? That's what 4Effects does, it lets you pick a template, and then slap four different filters onto your photo for a bit more artistic flair. [Free]

SquadWatch: If you've ever wanted to get in touch with someone, but you're not quite sure if they're somewhere where they can respond, SquadWatch offers a helping hand by showing your their location. It sounds really creepy, but it could be handy if you're in a group (like a family) that needs to keep tabs on each other then it could be rather handy. [Free]

ScanWritr: Scanning apps are nothing new, but they don't quite have everything you need to get the job done. ScanWritr does pretty much the same as every other document scanning app, but with one handy feature. You can scan documents, crop them, and annotate the newly digitised document. The killer feature is that you can also add your signature, making it perfect for scanning and digitising contracts and the like. [Free]