There's an Apple Watch Strap That Costs More Than Three Pebbles

By Matt Hill on at

So Apple's 'Spring Forward' event showed off some lovely stuff. An unbelievable looking MacBook that's thinner than a MacBook Air (those names really need looking at) and the most attractive smartwatches we've yet seen. But oh those prices…

And it's not just even just the products, either. In typical Apple fashion, it's the accessories and extras that really kick in the squeeze. If £65 for a USB type-3 adaptor to get the new MacBook to connect to all the old kit you own wasn't enough, how about £379 for a watch strap? 

Well, if you have a timepiece in your arsenal that costs £8,000, I guess what were we expecting? But while the Watch Sport straps start at a impulse-purchase £39, they rise steadily for the other editions (the rather lovely Milanese loop is £129), ending up at £379 for a "42mm Link Bracelet".

Yep, that's more than three Pebbles – or two Moto 360s, if you're that way inclined. Never let it be said that Apple isn't premium.