These Smart Light Switches Require Zero Wiring

By Chris Mills on at

The ultimate expression of the lazy smart home is probably turning the lights off from your phone. It's not necessary, and it probably doesn't even save any time; but damn it's cool. This switch will let you do that, without needing to be an electrical engineer.

Most of the switches on the market either require special lightbulbs, or rewiring a light switch. The first option is expensive, whilst the second requires a small amount of skill (and a permissive landlord. Switchmate's suggestion is to piggyback on an existing lightswitch, using a motor to flick the switch when you don't feel like getting off your behind.

The Switchmate switch uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone app, which lets you control the on/off, as well as scheduling lights to come on at a certain time, or other various smart home integrations if you pair with a Logitech Harmony Hub.

You can't buy the switch just yet — the project is currently fundraising on Indiegogo, where $49/£33 will theoretically get you a single switch (or $109/£73 for a three-pack). As always, the standard crowdfunding vapourware advisory stands — in particular, Switchmate's far-off delivery date of December 2015 seems worrying. But if it ever sees the (artificial) light of day, it could be a good option for broke smart-homers. [Indiegogo via Gizmag]