This Bullet-Proof Briefcase Unfolds Into a Personal Shield

By Andrew Liszewski on at

A laptop bag can protect all of your electronics as you bump into other passengers on a crowded train, or simply get caught in the rain. But the MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase goes much way further than that—it can also protect you from gunshots, knives, and even physical attacks when unfurled into a three-foot long shield.

You'll have to be OK with slinging a few extra pounds over your shoulder since the MTS weighs about eight pounds when empty. But it's able to absorb multiple impacts from handguns, shotguns, and pistol calibre sub-machine guns. It's even able to protect you from high-powered rifle attacks, although that requires the addition of optional armour plating which is going to add even more weight.

This Bullet-Proof Briefcase Unfolds Into a Personal Shield

That extra protection and peace of mind doesn't come cheap, though. The MTS Multi-Threat Shield bag is a hefty $900/£603. But if you work in a dangerous part of the world where the threat of attack is a genuine concern, this does seem like a less cumbersome alternative to wearing a bullet-proof vest, and is certainly cheaper than surrounding yourself in bodyguards.

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