This Forest Mirror House is a Giant Optical Illusion

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By Maddie Stone

Most of us are content getting back to nature with a good old fashioned hiking or camping trip every now and again. But if you're serious about making a life off the grid, and you don't want your pesky habitation to obscure your view of the scenery, then this mirror house, designed by the Polish Architecture firm Reform, might be just the thing for you.

Here's how Reform described the house to me:

The Izabelin House is a two story mirror house concept that is formed of two horizontally configured blocks. The house's lower storey is clad with reflective paneling. These mirrored surfaces appear as an extension of the forest floor, with opaque areas stacked above. The bottom level includes also a sheltered terrace in a shade of dark brown wood that matches the surrounding earth. The second floor appears to float above its mirrored base, a levitating box that will hover in the thick forest.

And here are some more lovely photos of the house:

This Mirror House Is a Giant Optical Illusion

This Mirror House Is a Giant Optical Illusion

This Mirror House Is a Giant Optical Illusion

While the concept is definitely intriguing, I'd personally be slightly concerned about deer smacking headlong into my living room wall. But if you're this serious of an outdoors enthusiast, perhaps that's a risk you're willing to take.

All images courtesy of Reform.