This is What Spotify for PS4 Looks Like

By Gerald Lynch on at

A good game is only made better by a good soundtrack. Remember hurtling around Tony Hawk 3's foundry level to Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades'? Or the first time 'Billie Jean' kicked in on GTA: Vice City? Great memories. But, due to licensing issues, game soundtracks are never perfect. If only I could have The Stooges playing while I pull off a perfect Destiny raid, or the totally-inappropriate power-pop of Duran Duran soundtracking my 300th Bloodborne death.

That day has come; Spotify is now available on the PS4, hitting 41 markets (including the UK) today. And this is what it looks like:

The tile-based UI nicely compliments the PlayStation 4's own interface, giving you access to Spotify's 30 million tracks for streaming. Both a £9.99 premium account and ad-funded version is supported by the app, though you'd have to wonder if certain advertisers might have a problem being potentially paired up with, say, Grand Theft Auto V.

Also hitting the PS3 and natively coming to Sony's Xperia phones and tablets, the console app can also be controlled by your phone, letting you line up another track or playlist without having to leave your gaming session.

Expect to see the Spotify download option roll out to your console at some point today. [Spotify]