Apple Boss Tim Cook Will Give Away His £530 Million Fortune Before He Dies

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple head honcho Tim Cook is the latest super-rich tech boss to announce he will be giving away his fortune before the Apple Watch of his life stops ticking.

Speaking in a frank interview with Fortune, Cook said he plans to provide for his 10 year old nephew's education, but that the rest of his moolah is up for grabs after that. Cook is estimated to have $120 million in Apple shares and around $665 million in restricted costs, equating in total to near 530 million Great British pounds.

The Apple boss has previously donated $50 million to Product Red, the Bono-backed charity fighting Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. He's also previously given $50 million to hospitals local to Apple's Silicon Valley HQ, including $25 million to the foundation of a new children's hospital. Previously, Cook has also expressed an interest in supporting climate change causes, and the promotion of human rights and equality.

Cook also discussed his recent public announcement concerning his sexuality, stating that his Apple colleagues (most of whom already knew he was gay) considered it a "yawner".

“To be honest, if I would not have come to the conclusion that it would likely help other people, I would have never done it,” he said. “There’s no joy in me putting my life in view.”

Back to the money, Cook's in good company when it comes to wealth spreading. Tesla's Elon Musk, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar have all announced similar philanthropic plans in the past.

Have I ever told you all how much I think Tim Cook is just a great, great guy? Just great. He's solid. Top bloke. He's my favourite. Now, where's that will...?