Tunisia's Tatooine Location Now a "Way-station for Jihadists"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Tunisian town of Tataouine, which gave its name and sparse desert style to the Star Wars world is not the sort of place film fans want to visit for a photo nowadays, thanks to it becoming a staging point for jihadists looking to enter Libya to join ISIS.

Caches of guns and grenade launchers have been found in the area recently, according to CNN, which says the town and its surroundings are currently home to wannabe terrorists thanks to being conveniently placed just 60 miles from the border with Libya. So maybe don't go there in your eBay jedi gown dragging your wife around in an Etsy Slave Leia costume.

Authorities are doing their best to keep Tunisia separate from its imploding neighbour, establishing a 1.8 mile exclusion zone along the 380 mile border between the two countries, backed by an extended 12 mile deep buffer zone that requires written permission to enter.

It doesn't seem to be working particularly well, though, with the UK government suggesting that visitors should be "especially vigilant" when or if travelling to the country, as one of the earliest beneficiaries and drivers of the 2010 Arab Spring struggles to maintain security in the era of modern impromptu terrorism. [CNN]