The PlayStation Now Private Beta Kicks Off in the UK in 'Spring'

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service has been available to test in the US for some months now, letting you beam PS3 games over the web to a host of compatible Sony devices. With the service settling in Stateside, Sony's seen fit to bring it to the UK, today announcing plans to kick off a private beta trial of PlayStation Now in the UK this spring.

PlayStation Plus members who also own a PlayStation 4 will get first dibs on access to the service, with Sony offering up the private beta testing phase free of charge while it irons out the kinks ahead of a full release.

While the PlayStation Now trial will kick off on the PS4 console, in time the service will expand to other devices including the PlayStation 3, Sony's Xperia tablets and the company's Bravia smart TVs. All that's required alongside the app is either a DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 gamepad and an internet connection of 5Mbps or faster.

Games that will be included in the beta include Uncharted 2: Among ThievesThe Last of Us and God of War Ascension, Rayman LegendsFar Cry 3: Blood DragonSaints Row: The Third - The Full PackageJust Cause 2The Walking Dead and Dirt 3.

Earlier beta trials of PlayStation Now have had a patchy reception, not least of all because of the steep pricing associated with renting the games. However, with Sony's PS4 lacking backwards compatibility, it may be the only way for some gamers to experience PlayStation's classic back catalogue.

To sign up for the beta trial, click here.