Unique Game of Thrones Seat Rebuilt From 200 Dildos

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fans of the soft porn fantasy epic may well be interested in a competition being run by online sex toy retailer Bondara, which is giving away a replica of the throne from the show it's had made. Problem is, it's made out of 200 rather intimidating dildos pointing at the sky in full fury.

Bondara explains: "In the show the Iron Throne was forged from 1,000 surrendered swords, although super fans will know that the actual number of the swords is less than two hundred. In homage to the show, the #GameofBones 'Rubber Throne' used 200 dildos, took four Hands Of The King (aka two blokes), 24 hours to create, and three cans of spray paint. A phenomenal feat, a bit like when Jon Snow and the Wildlings scaled The Wall."

Here, to assist in reader engagement for today, is the 'Making Of...' video, that's a little bit unsafe for some working environments:

Unfortunately, this is a Twitter competition. You have to let people see and therefore know you've entered to win the cock chair, with the shameful required entry tweet reading: "Stake your claim to the Dildo Throne! I've just entered to win @Bondara's Game of Bones" when you click submit. Time to fire up the disposable abuse account. [Bondara.co.uk]