Vodafone App Lets Parents Throttle Their Kids (' Internet Connections)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new Vodafone app will soon let the person in charge of the home internet play God with the connection speed, introducing the power to limit the bandwidth used by children streaming braying YouTube idiots to their tablets so the adults of the house can conduct their important Facebook business quicker.

According to a paywalled report in The Times, Vodafone will allow subscribers to hand "preferential treatment" to some devices, plus there will be a sort of "boost button" to quickly annihilate a teenager's Xbox Live connection and hand the man of the house's laptop all of the bandwidth should a file download emergency unfold.

Vodafone's internet control app will also let users create a guest account for the home account, so you could hand out small rations of broadband to friends and visitors without the stress of revealing the master password. Additional security options are said to include the ability to shut down the wireless network when you're not home, saving a bit of energy and potentially leaving users less susceptible to hackery.

The options will appear when Vodafone launches its home broadband deals later this year, with the network previously suggesting it could arrive in spring. [The Times]

Image credit: Tablet use from Shutterstock