Volvo Suggests Spraypainting Cyclists to Make Them More Visible

By Gary Cutlack on at

Designers working with a bit of money from car maker Volvo have come up with an interesting way to help make cyclists safer -- painting them. But with invisible paint that only shows up when the headlights of an angry van shine on the painted parts.

It's called Life Paint and has been created by design agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100. It mixes reflective particles with an adhesive, making a thin, flexible coating that can be applied to frames, helmets and even clothing, to turn vulnerable bits and things into dazzling objects under strong light. It washes off and lasts for about a week. Would also be great for graffiti.

Here's how it works:

To whip up a bit of excitement, Life Paint is being given away free in limited quantities in a selection of six bike shops in the south east, with a stash of 2000 tins available at London's Peloton shop right now. [Volvo via Grey London]