Watch Art Enthusiasts Gush Over Cheap Ikea Print

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man has successfully spoofed a small part of the art world by convincing visitors to a gallery that a £10 Ikea print of a whale and a few bits of machinery is some sort of work of art by renowned artist Ike Andrews. As in, IKEA-ndrews.

The clip sees viewers praising the print for its construction and detailing, with one man -- wearing a beret for extra comic effect -- claiming it's obviously a symbolic piece. And yes, it is. It's symbolic of the art world being full of idiots with silly hats and rubbish beards who rush, lemming like, to praise things other people like.

Here's the clip:

One man even goes so far as to suggest it symbolises the chaos in the mind. Which again, is also sort of correct, as any trip to Ikea can induce extreme levels of mind chaos. Mind chaos so bad you promise never to go there ever again no matter how cheap that nice new table is.

Suggested valuations for the Ikea print at the end of the clip go into the several hundreds of thousands of euros, and when beret man is told it's from Ikea... he's not that impressed. [YouTube]