Weird MWC: The Tech That Didn't Make the Headlines

By Spencer Hart on at

For those of you that haven't been, MWC is massive. It's twice the size of London Excel (and if you haven't been to London Excel, just try to imagine 33 football pitches or something). And believe us, it's not all Galaxy S6 Edges and HTC Vives, a lot of it is weird. Here are eight such things we found while roaming the cavernous halls.

1.) Invisibility Glasses

Developed by the online security company AVG, these 'invisibility glasses' are nothing like Harry Potter's cloak – shame. Instead they make it difficult for facial recognition software to read your features by shining UV light down the lens. Don a pair of these and you'll be a ghost in Big Brother's system.

2.) Eye-Tracking Smartwatch

This concept device from The Eye Tribe allows wearers to activate the display simply by glancing at it – sounds great, until you realise the smartwatch is more like a smart-sleeve.

3.) A 5G robot?

I think I know what 5G is, and I'm pretty sure it's not a robot that perfectly mimics this lady. If this is how South Korean firm SK telecom is building their 5G network, I'm worried it won't work out well for them.

4.) Circular smartphone

After you've seen one phone at MWC, all the rest become blur of black rectangles, so it was quite refreshing to come across the Runcible, a circular smartphone. It's designed by Monohm, a company formed from ex-Apple and Sony employees and we're rather taken by its design. [Image Credit: Monohm]

5.) Fuel-cell charger

Are fuel-cells the future? Who knows. What we do know is that this portable fuel-cell, which uses water and salt is quite cool. The only problem is that once you insert the cartridge, you only have one or two hours to charge your phone before it loses power. That doesn't sound like the future to me. [Image Credit: myFC]

6.) The Unsettling Child-Trapped-in-an-Adult-Robot-Body Robot

We're not really sure what to think about this robot – but its child-like face scares us, a lot.

7.) Sony Smart EyeGlass

We went hands-on the Sony Smart EyeGlass in Barcelona: it allowed me to have a conversation with a Japanese gentleman using a translation app. It was pretty good, until I looked in the mirror.

8.) Scotland

Scotland had a stand. We're not really sure why, but we think eventually everyone will have one at MWC.