What's Your Favourite Episode of The X-Files?

By Gerald Lynch on at

OK, so a confession is in order. Despite being a massive science fiction fan, I've only ever seen half of the first episode of The X-Files. Yesterday's excitement surrounding the news that a new set of episodes is on the way wasn't lost on me -- my first attempt at watching The X-Files was only made relatively recently. But I still pose the question; what have I been missing?

To be clear, I was terrified of The X-Files when it first aired, a young whipper snapper that couldn't think of anything more horrifying then an alien abduction. It was pretty much a full-blown phobia for a few years. But as with most childhood fears, it's become a later-life obsession -- I'll be front of the queue for any conspiracy theory-themed film nowadays, and love an intergalactic mystery. Yesterday's announcement was all I needed to inspire me to finally dig back into The X-Files archive and see what all the fuss is about.

But blimey, there's a lot of it! Nine seasons, 202 episodes, and two films. Is it all worth watching? And if not, what are the absolute must-see episodes? Do you have any favourites? Or memories of some that you wish you could now forget? Sign off as ever in the comments section below.