World's Largest Container Ship Has Four Football Fields of Deck Space

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Samsung might be making waves at Mobile World Congress with the new Galaxy S6, but that's nothing compared to the waves that will be produced by what the company's Heavy Industries division is working on. It recently announced that it will be building the world's largest container ship, over 395 metres long, for Japan's Mitsui OSK Lines.

With a deck as large as four football fields the four new ships, at a total cost of just over £390 million, will traverse the Pacific Ocean back and forth when they set sail in 2017 because they're just too massive to squeeze through the Panama Canal. Each one will measure in at almost 59 metres wide, while the canal maxes out at 34 metres.

And while the size of the massive new haulers is certainly impressive, what's more important to MOL is how many containers they can carry during each crossing. With the decks stacked high, each ship can transport a staggering 20,150 containers. That's enough to keep all the Apple stores in the country stocked in iPhones for at least a solid hour. [Samsung Heavy Industries via Fareastgizmos]