Yep, This is a Smartphone

By Darren Orf on at

We're talking about circular smartphones and ambitious tech job plans and definitely not the Apple Watch. This and more on today's BitStream bulletin.

This round smartphone is called the Runcible, and it's been a year's work of one three-person start-up working in California. They call it the "anti-smartphone". The team describes the phone as a challenge to the centuries old rectangle shapes of our books, cinemas, televisions, laptops, and now smartphones and to get designers and developers thinking in different ways.

Although a circular smartphone may seem ridiculous, this isn't the only company trying to reverse our rectangular consumption habits. With the advent of the smartwatch (especially the round ones), the screens we ceaselessly stare at every day are beginning to change, so maybe Runcible isn't such a crazy idea after all. [Wired]

Tesla may be the epitome of auto envy in the west, but in China? Not so much. [WSJ]

Apps and Devices

If you don't have a Z-level Sony smartphone, give up on your dreams of Android Lollipop. Sony isn't even trying to care about mobile anymore. [Xperia Blog]

VSCO Cam now lets you edit in batches, so you can get some serious touching up done in quick time. [VSCO Cam]

Need a camera flash attachment for your smartphone? Of course you do. [Kickstarter]


Oppo, creator of the weirdly great N3, also has a smartwatch (of course) only this one can supposedly charge within five minutes...I'm listening. [Weibo]

Twitter may buy Periscope, a streaming app that hasn't even launched yet. RIP Meerkat? [Business Insider]

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