You'll be Able to Unlock ZTE's Next Phone With Your Eye's Blood Vessels

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you don't fancy unlocking your phone with a password, or a fancy pattern, you can always go ahead and buy a phone with a fingerprint scanner. But what about something else? Something new and interesting that doesn't require a button? ZTE thinks it has the answer with feature it's calling 'Sky Eye'.

Sky Eye is set to be included on ZTE's Grand 3 smartphone, and it lets you swap the traditional Android lockscreen for one that verifies your identity with a system called 'Eyeprint ID'. That means the phone is scanning your eyes, but rather than focussing on the retinas it's scanning the blood vessels in your eyeballs.

Set up is simple, just follow a green line on the screen while the phone's front-facing camera records the blood vessels visible in your eyes and creates your secure ID. Once that's done, in theory, you should never have to do it again, and unlocking your phone will be as simple as looking at the camera. The only real downside is that it can only remember one set of eyes at a time. So no going out and switching eyes, ok?

The Grand 3 with Sky Eye is on display at MWC, and Engadget gave it a try to see how well it worked. Apparently there was a set distance where it worked the best, but overall they found that the system worked exactly as promised.

It sounds like a pretty great idea, especially since it could easily be implemented into any phone with a half-decent front-facing camera. There's no need for any extra hardware, either, so if you want biometric security without having to resort to a fingerprint scanning home button, then this might be your solution. [ZTE via Engadget]