YouTube's Absurd 60FPS, 4K Videos are Too Awesome for Your Computer

By Darren Orf on at

Google is working on an exciting new feature for YouTube: videos you can't watch! Blame your shitty computer and internet connection.

YouTube has been slowly preparing for the pixel-filled video streaming future. In August last year, the mobile app began supporting Quad HD content and YouTube got a buttery 60 frames-per-second upgrade a few months later. Next stop, 4K.

This playlist shows off Google's tinkering with high resolution streaming audio [Warning: There's some K-pop], and sure, it definitely looks great, but good luck actually watching it in all its glory. Flipping on the 2160p60 option feels like magically transporting to early '90s, 56k-modem internet because your video will. absolutely. crawl.

So unless you have some crazy 4K laptop or a nifty 4K monitor, and maybe some fibre broadband to let you stream this stuff at a reasonable rate (lucky you), this is pretty cool in theory.

Eventually, streaming 4k content at 60fps will be an everyday affair, but by then we'll probably be salivating for 8K or some other ridiculous iteration.

[YouTube via TechCrunch]