A New Spock Emoji Can Live Long and Prosper in Your iPhone

By Darren Orf on at

Twitter revamps tweets, Microsoft readies payments, and Spock comes to an iPhone near you. Your BitStream news-fill awaits.

The iPhone's great camera, fluid operating system, and stocked app store have never been enough to pull me from Android — but now iOS is going where no smartphone has gone before. Spotted by Quartz in beta builds of upcoming iOS and OS X, Apple will be bringing the Spock’s “Live Long and Prosper” salute to its pool of emoji. Although the split-finger salute is a genuine expression of friendship, adding the emoji is a fitting homage to Leonard Nimoy, who unfortunately left us in February. Sorry Salsa Dancer emoji, but you’ve been replaced as my favourite. [Quartz]

Apps and Devices

Pixel OFF is an interesting app only for AMOLED displays, essentially turning off unused pixels to help conserve battery. Basically an ultra battery saving mode for phones without the option. [Pixel OFF]

Hulu is getting in on the GIF game with The Perfect GIF, a way to find reaction GIFs from all the shows it streams. Netflix, get on this bandwagon, please, so that those living outside of the Hulu-worthy United States can join in. [TechCrunch]

Twitter has revamped the way you quote tweets for iOS and web (coming soon to Android). Let’s just say its far less crap. [Twitter]


A new Moto 360 is coming (supposedly) with a better screen and the codename “Smelt”. Like the first thing. Second thing is weird. [Weibo]

Mail and calendar apps pop up in the latest leak of Windows 10, but the big news here is that it will also support Google Calendar. [The Verge]

Microsoft may be laying down the groundwork for its very own payments system. [Windows Central]

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