A Sinkhole Opened Up Outside a London Cafe, Swallowing a Mother and Child (Updated)

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you think about sinkholes they tend to be in far off places where they just appear overnight to the confusion of local residents. You don't really think about them popping up in London and eating people, but that's what happened early on this morning.

The sinkhole appeared outside a cafe on North End Road in Fulham at 8.32 this morning. It caused the pavement to collapse, taking the woman and her pram-bound child with it. Thankfully they were both retrieved from the hole by emergency services, and the woman was taken by ambulance to hospital.

UPDATE: Early reports suggested that the woman had fallen into the hole with a pram with her child, but local store holders have since refuted this claim; it now appears that she was pushing a shopping trolley. I hope she got her pound coin back.

[London Evening Standard]

Featured image credit: London Evening Standard