Adidas and Spotify Team Up for Beat-to-Stride Matching Musical Running App

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's an art to beat-matching. Ask any pro or wannabe bedroom DJ how many years of practice it takes to flow from Missy Elliot's Work It into The Wurzel's Combine Harvester, and they'll tell you.

16 years. Exactly.

But trying to match a playlist on the fly to a runner's personal stride? That's practically witchcraft. Which makes a new Spotify / Adidas collaboration all the more impressive. The Adidas Go running app for iPhone uses the handset's accelerometer to asses the pace and stride rate of a runner during a workout, and lines it up with the fitness fanatic's favourite music that best fits the beat. Tying into Spotify's library, the app comes with a seven day free trial for the streaming service, though a user's locally stored tracks can also be beat-matched.

Working with the iPhone 4S and up, a completed workout's distance, time and pace stats can be shared with the Adidas miCoach Runscore app, as well as all the usual social channels. Hit the source to give it a go. [iTunes App Store]