Air Ambulances Had to Rescue 15 Treasure Hunters From Scary Mud

By Tom Pritchard on at

Air ambulances had to be scrambled over the weekend in order to save a group of 15 treasure hunters who all managed to get themselves stuck in some seaside mud at Wood Spring Bay in Clevedon, Somerset.

The rescue operation involved two helicopters, a lifeboat, and the fire service after the group got stuck while hunting for geocache locations along the beach. Witnesses saw the group having difficulties in the deep mud and rang for help. It's unclear how all 15 people managed to get stuck at the same time, and why they didn't try and call for help themselves.

Roger Reed, senior maritime operations officer for the Coastguard, said:

"This was in an extremely dangerous place and we would not encourage others to search in these areas because there are complex tidal patterns and deep mud. . . We would encourage all groups who are undertaking activities such as these to contact us with details of their event so that we have all of the information that we need to ensure the safety of those involved."

Two of the group were flown to shore, 11 made it back by themselves, and the remaining two elected to stay behind for some reason. [London Evening Standard]

Image: Colin-47/Flickr