All 2000AD Comics Are Now Available DRM Free

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you ever meet someone who claims that they love DRM and that it's absolutely the right thing or digital content, they're either a liar or they're being paid to say it. Nobody likes DRM, and 2000AD, publisher of Judge Dredd, has taken note.

The crime is ruining digital experiences. The sentence is death.

2000AD's parent company, Rebellion, has announced that once people purchase digital versions of 2000AD comics they'll be allowed to download DRM-free PDF and CBZ files. The best part is that this decision applies retroactively, and anyone who's bought any digital issues in the past will find that they too have access to DRM-free versions.

The comic publisher is also implementing a new 'Rebellion ID' account system, which will ensure people's comics are available on all of their devices Right now that's just for the Android and iOS versions of the 2000AD app, but it will be coming to Kindle, and Windows Phone in the future.

Now if the rest of the world could follow suit, that'd be fantastic. [2000AD via The Register]