All the Stuff You Could Buy Instead of a £13,500 Gold Apple Watch

By James Laird on at

So, the Apple Watch is pretty much finally here. We've already told you about some of the best Apple Watch features, how to choose the best Apple Watch for what you do, and the best early Apple Watch apps available.

The thing is, the Apple Watch is pretty damn expensive. Starting at £339 and running upwards of £10,000 if you opt for one of the ultra-luxe editions, this is one pricey piece of tech, and there are plenty of other things you could do with you money.

This infographic from Stylight highlights some of the stuff you could buy instead of a pimped out £13,500 Apple Watch Edition complete with 13-karat gold and a sapphire crystal display.

You could buy first class flights to travel around the world, drink Champagne every weekend for six years, get an Oyster card to travel on the Tube for 10 years, or rent a flat in London for an entire year.

Now, we're sure most people aren't actually thinking of shelling out five figures for an Apple Watch, but it's still a nice reminder that your money might be better invested in something other than tech.

Check it out in full below for a bit of Friday fun.


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