Aluminium Battery Could Charge a Phone in One Minute

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new innovation in battery technology promises to make hanging desperately off a USB cable less of a part of our lives, with researchers claiming a reworked aluminium battery prototype can go from flat to completely full in one minute.

And there's more to it than the benefit of shorter charge times. An aluminium cell would be less prone to the occasional explosions we see from today's li-ion models, plus there's less in the way of toxic chemicals inside them to pollute the landfill sites and water sources of future generations.

Hongjie Dai, a chemistry professor fromĀ Stanford University, explained in the paper: "Millions of consumers use 1.5-volt AA and AAA batteries. Our rechargeable aluminium battery generates about two volts of electricity. That's higher than anyone has achieved with aluminium."

It's also a more robust format according to the researchers, who claim it's good forĀ 7,500 recharge cycles without deteriorating -- more than enough to handle charging a fun thing three times a day for its entire lifetime. And it could mean we see flexible gadgets that are actually flexible, with this aluminium battery of the future being fully bendable. [Guardian]

Image credit: Old batteries from Shutterstock