Amazon is Raising the Minimum Spend for 'Free' Super Saver Delivery

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember the time where you could buy any random piece of junk from Amazon and they'd post it to you free of charge? Those were the days, eh? The days before the £10 minimum spend was introduced. If you're still bitter about that, I have some bad news for you -- Amazon is doubling that minimum spend.

Amazon hasn't explained why the change has been made, though it's likely that it wants to encourage people to pay the £79 subscription for Amazon Prime. It could also be to try and cover the cost of implementing all those extra delivery options, like sending stuff to your local post office.

The new rules comes into effect at 6pm tonight, so if you've got any cheap items in your basket you should get them ordered pronto. Plus, don't forget you can always take your business to Rakuten. Delivery there still seems to be free. [Engadget]