Amazon's Shop of the Future Was Outlined in 2006

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon recently filed an interesting patent that describes a system that lets shoppers bag what they want and walk out without paying, using complicated things like computers and maps to know it was you and that you need billing for it all at some point.

This all sounded a bit familiar to the man who churns out the content for Recode, who was reminded of a bizarre video released by IBM nearly a decade ago. IBM's system showed how exciting the prospect of using RFID to manage payments for goods seemed back in the mid 2000s, although it went about it in quite a peculiar fashion:

That's how cool you might look two years from now, as you wirelessly check out of PC World with your new SSD and some blank DVDs.

The IBM system echoes a recently discovered patent filed by Amazon that describes, in a rather verbose way: "...a system for automatically transitioning items from a materials handling facility without delaying a user as they exit the materials handling facility." Or, in other words, a shop where you don't have to risk small talk or the nightmare of a self-scanning till to get your crisps home with the minimum of fuss. [Recode]