An Extra £670 Buys You a Fancy Hotline for Your Fancy Gold Apple Watch

By Darren Orf on at

Many of us are still slack-jawed over Apple’s announcement nearly a month ago that its Midas-touched wearable will go for at least £8,000. Unfortunately for the rich and/or people who are bad with money, that doesn’t include the protection plan, an expensive one that comes with a set up hotline!

9to5Mac says for an extra $1,000/£670, Apple will give your new larceny target smartwatch an extra third year of protection (on top of the two already included), 24/7 support and a hotline that will help set up the damn thing. Yes, that means Apple is anticipating a need to have a hotline for people who will be spending nearly £9,000 on a watch they don’t know how to use.

To be fair, the pricing follows an Apple tradition to charge around 10 per cent for AppleCare, which it does for MacBooks and such. Oh, and if you happen to not have a healthy inheritance, there will be protection plans for the aluminium and steel models for $59/£40 and $79/£47 respectively, but you’re on your own to figure out how to use it. Good luck. [9to5Mac]