Android Wear Has Been Updated, Now Has Wi-Fi Support

By Tom Pritchard on at

Android Wear users, rejoice! Google has just announced a new software update, and with it comes with a bunch of new features for the smartwatch-based OS. Among them is the much-requested Wi-Fi support many have longed for.

That means once the update is downloaded onto your watch, you'll be able to leave your phone at home and continue to enjoy everything you smartwatch has to offer. Provided you can connect to an open local Wi-Fi network on the go, that is.

Also included is the ability to draw emojis on your screen and send them to friends in a message, hands-free gesture controls (just flick your wrist), as well as always-on screen and app options in case you don't care about battery life and want to keep your watch screen active all day.

The upcoming LG Watch Urbane will be the first device to come with the new update, which will be rolled out to other Android Wear smartwatches soon after the Urbane is released. [Google]