Android Wear-Wearing Google Exec Admits Smartwatches Aren't For Everyone

By Tom Pritchard on at

In a move that is bound to anger Android Wear owners across the world, Matías Duarte, Google's Vice President of Design, has admitted that people don't really need to own smartwatches. That's despite the fact that he wears one himself.

During an on-stage interview at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design 2015 conference in San Francisco, Durate compared the smartwatch to an electric tin opener, an unnecessary but attractive item. He also believes that the only people who will actually want to buy a smartwatch are very enthusiastic about fitness and notifications.

Durate admitted that he doesn't think it matters in the long run, because tiny connected computers are going to end up so commonplace, they'll naturally integrate into our daily lives.

“Having computers [will] be not just something that you carry on you, but your personal computer will be a series of devices that surround you. In the future, smart devices—we’re going to treat them like we treat apps today.”

In other words he thinks the internet of things is really going to take off in the immediate future. But those devices need to be controlled somewhere, and whether that'll be done with a smartwatch, or something else entirely, has yet to be seen. [Bloomberg via BGR]