Apple and U2 Accused of Spreading "Gay Propaganda" by Russian Politician

By Gary Cutlack on at

The U2 album that was so unpopular Apple had to tell people how to get it off their iTunes accounts is causing more controversy, thanks to a right-wing Russian politician claiming that U2 and Apple are guilty of spreading "gay propaganda" via the medium of the album's semi-naked man-cuddle cover image.

Alexander Starovoitov has made the complaint, a man who's a member of the Russian LDPR party. He claims Apple effectively spammed the entire population of his country with the free album and the cover image that he believes to be inappropriate and, with Russia having laws in place that ban the sharing of supposed gay imagery under the pretence of protecting the nation's children, Starovoitov believes there may be legal grounds to file a complaint.

He's found a lawyer that's interested and is threatening a worst-case scenario for Apple of a massive fine and a 90-day suspension of business, should it go to court and be upheld. The only problem for the right-winger might be the provenance of the photograph itself, which actually shows U2's drummer, Larry Mullen Jr, embracing his son.

The only real crime to be found here is the revelation that Mullen Jr called his poor son Elvis. [Izvestia via Guardian]