Apple Buys Multi-Aperture Camera Company LinX

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has dropped some hints about its future plans for evolving mobile phone and tablet cameras, by blowing around $20m (£14m) on buying portable imaging startup LinX.

LinX works on designing cameras for mobile devices with a particular focus on using multi-aperture systems to allow the capture of high quality images from smaller camera units. LinX explains how it works as: "Our camera architecture and algorithms leverage the multiple channels to boost the sensitivity of the camera which allows us to capture stunning images at very low light levels and keep exposure times short at normal indoor light levels and by that to avoid smearing."

The above image shows the company somewhat unfortunately slagging off the camera in the iPhone 5S in a technology presentation, and it also compared its system with that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera in poor indoor lighting conditions...

...which appears to show the LinX system in a very good... light. Although LinX is only making one of them at a time, for laboratory test purposes, and is not having to scale it in order to manufacture millions of the things. That, presumably, is now going to be Apple's job. [WSJ via Mac Rumors]