Apple iWood? iPhone Maker Buys Up 36,000 Acres of Forest

By Gerald Lynch on at

iWood incoming? I jest of course -- Apple's claimed to have re-invented many a thing, but to take credit for a whole forest of trees that "just work" would be ludicrous. The Cupertino company has however purchased up 36,000 acres of forest in Maine and North Carolina, as it strives to ensure its packaging is made from sustainable and eco-friendly resources.

"Apple is focused on using only the resources it needs, and ensuring that it adds to the world's resources whenever possible," reads a piece by Apple's Lisa Jackson, head of environmental initiatives, posted on Medium.

"Apple believes that paper, like energy, can be a renewable resource. So Apple is striving to supply 100 percent of the virgin fibers used in its paper and packaging from sustainably managed forests or controlled wood sources."

The purchased forest space, managed by the Conservation Fund, has been vulnerable to development plans in the past, with the natural habitats of animals including bald eagles and the Canada lynx at risk. While Apple is of course going to use the trees in the areas for its packaging, it allows Apple to partially bypass third-party vendors, letting it ensure its packaging resources are being sourced sustainably. [Medium]