"Are We Alone?" NASA Just Got Serious About the Search for Alien Life

By Darren Orf on at

NASA ups its alien-searching game, LG’s got a stylus-focused smartphone to show off, and tablets get even thinner (can you believe it?).

Yesterday, NASA launched NExSS. No, this isn’t some fancy satellite, an extra-terrestrial rover, or a NASA/Google smartphone. Instead, it’s a coalition of scientists spanning several scientific fields for one deliberate purpose: searching for life beyond our solar system. The Nexus for Exoplanet System Science is a new endeavour because the first exoplanet was only discovered 20 years ago. Now, we know more than 1,000 exist with many, many more yet to be found. NExSS will use earth, planetary, heliophysics, and astrophysics to help “classify the diversity of worlds being discovered” and further our understanding of what makes planets inhabitable.

I want to believe, and it seems NASA does, too. [NASA]

Apps and Devices

Several days before the G4 reveal, LG outs a 5.7-inch stylus-enabled smartphone that won’t cost you a fortune, but price and availability remain a mystery. [LG]

Tidal Discovery lets musicians upload their music directly to the platform without needing a distribution service. But the real question is...will anyone be listening? [Smashd]

Clear is an app that will scrub your social media clean if you’ve got an important interview coming up, or you could just not be an arse on the internet. Either works! [9to5Mac]

Apple Watches may not be available in Apple stores, but these six fashion boutiques will have the wearable for sale this Friday. This Apple Watch thing may be getting a little out of hand. [NYT]


Microsoft’s been quiet on the high-end smartphone front, but new rumours suggest the upcoming 940 could have a 5.2-inch screen. [Wmpoweruser]

Sony’s Japanese Z4 is out in the wild, but two entries in an Indonesian database suggest that Sony may have a Z4 Compact and a Z4 Ultra up its sleeve. [Phone Arena]

The Galaxy S2 Tab is going to be thin...I mean...stupidly thin. [OnLeaks]

Crash tests offer slow-motion destruction for a good cause — making sure you’re safe behind the wheel. Here’s all the gear that makes that wanton car destruction useful.

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