Base Jumping Off Dubai's Tallest Residential Building Gets Pretty Wild

By Casey Chan on at

The Princess Tower is 1,358-feet-tall (413m) and currently the world’s tallest residential building and the second tallest building in Dubai. It is huge. So obviously when the building opened up their roof to base jump, from which people could jump, 558 awesomely crazy daredevils joined up and pulled off all sort of crazy jumps. It’s like fear doesn’t exist.

The tricks they pull off are absolutely wild. Pyramids were built, backflips were done, pull ups, mass jumps and so forth.

Here’s some background on what’s happening:

What sounds like a nightmare for most is still a dream for others; to BASE jump off the world’s second highest residential structure with the most qualified athletes in the world.

SkydiveDubai and XDubai have partnered with DreamJump to bring dreams to extreme reality when they opened the opportunity for limited people from the public to jump using the DreamJump System.

In addition to the dream jumps, a total of 558 BASE Jumps occurred in a matter of just a few days off the Princess Tower in the heart of the Dubai Marina. Dubai Film has partnered alongside SkydiveDubai and XDubai to bring the fear, adrenaline, laughter, excitement, and joy for you to enjoy.

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