Bingo Clubs a Hotbed of Illegal Drugs Activity

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cocaine and crack cocaine have been found in trace amounts on the toilet cistern lids inside some bingo halls, hinting that the sedate hobby of the elderly might just be a front for debauched nights away from the usual slippers and Digestives.

The stats, gathered together by, ahem, The Sun, say that reporters took test swabs from 17 bingo halls across the UK. The report says that half of the 17 venues tested positive for cocaine in the toilet cubicles, with one showing traces of its dangerous compound buddy crack.

You can't really cut 17 in half, mind, so there's perhaps been a bit of convenient rounding going on with the numbers. The shame crosses the nation too, with a bingo hall in Glasgow testing positive, as well as venues Gala Bingo in Basildon and Mecca Bingo in Romford showing that bad things had been going on during convenient breaks in events.

Dr Sarah Wadd told The Sun: "There is no doubt that illegal drug use is rising in the older age group. I think this is mainly because heroin users from the 1980s haven't been able to kick the habit. Cocaine is also a problem."  [Express]

Image credit: Bingo from Shutterstock