Butterfly Wings Could Be the Answer to Developing Glare-Free Displays

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've all been in the situation where we've settled down to do something on our phones and found we've had to move because the light is making it impossible to see the screen. Researchers think that the key to preventing that can be found in butterfly wings.

Or more specifically the wings of the Glasswing Butterfly. You see, these butterflies have irregular nanoscopic structures in their wings which eliminates most reflections at any angle. That makes it perfect for things like displays and camera lenses where too much glare is a very bad thing.

Researchers haven't quite managed to completely recreate the substance in labs, but they do have some prototypes up and running. What's even more incredible is that these prototypes are already self-cleaning and water repellent.

Soon you won't need all those fancy coatings on your screen. Thanks butterflies. [KIT, Nature via Engadget]

Image: Scott Wylie/Flickr