Can Anonymous Data Sharing Improve the Lives of Diabetics?

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the tech world's serial innovators is tackling the difficult world of diabetes and blood glucose control, with Jeff Dachis suggesting that his new app that lets sufferers share their blood test data might lead to better levels of control for everyone.

The OneDrop app for iOS hoovers up all the tedious numbers and stats that diabetics, particularly those afflicted with Type 1, must generate and monitor throughout the day. Carb intake, insulin doses and exercise levels are all stuck into the thing, which, along with the regular blood test results that are needed to make sure everything's working OK, is then collated into tables that are easily shared.

Convincing people to share such data might be a difficult task, though. The blood glucose results of diabetics are very personal things, seeing as they reflect in great detail how well -- or poorly -- you're doing at keeping the problem of DIY pancreas management under control.

For the reticent there's the promise of anonymous sharing of test results and diets, though, while those who are having a great run of results can leave a "pro tip" for other users -- perhaps helping someone who's having a run of high or low blood glucose results work out a better approach. [OneDrop via TechCrunch, Engadget]