Catholic Collector Blows £20,000 on the Pope's Old iPad

By Gary Cutlack on at

The quite possibly holy old iPad of Pope Francis has been sold at auction, complete with a certificate of authenticity to prove that the search history really was his. The tablet raised $30,000 at auction.

Uruguayan priest Gonzalo Aemilius received the device from the hand of Pope Francis, who told him to do "something good" with it. It has the inscription "His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013" engraved on the back, proving both its provenance and the fact that it's over two years old and therefore officially an ancient relic of the modern tech era.

Aemilius decided that a good thing to do with it would be to donate the tablet to the Francisco de Paysandu high school. The Castells auction house in Montevideo was then called in to host the sale, with bidding starting at $20,000 and eventually reaching $30,500 -- a price paid by an anonymous phone bidder. The proceeds from the iPad went to a local children's school for the poor. [Market Watch via Cult of Mac]