CCTV Shows Runaway London Bus Crash Spree

By Gary Cutlack on at

Security camera footage of a high-speed bus smash has been released as part of a court case concerning the driver of a number 11 London bus, with the court unable to decide if the accident was caused by driver error or a glitch in the new Routemaster's computerised controls.

The Evening Standard has obtained the footage, which combines onboard shots of the panicking driver with forward-facing video that shows the bus hammering through London streets in a high-speed video game stylee. Driver Mohammed Khalique says he was left with no brakes after something on the bus failed, leading him to hammer through traffic, jump across junctions and terrorise pedestrians and oncoming drivers before eventually coming to a stop when he ran into queued traffic.

Prosecutors charged Khalique with driving without due care and attention, suggesting he made the rather rookie error of mistaking the accelerator for the brake. He was cleared of that charge, though, with the judge explaining: "I cannot be sure that it was Mr Khalique at fault, rather than an unascertained, potentially crucial, computer glitch."

Prosecution witnesses said the unstoppable bus nightmare may have been caused by an electrical failure on the modern Routemaster, a claim Transport for London denies. [Standard]

Image Credit: Double Decker Bus from Shutterstock