China Plans Crackdown on Funeral Strippers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Chinese Ministry of Culture is preparing an attack on the bizarre habit of inviting strippers to funerals in the country, a move intended to bolster the apparent popularity of the deceased by ensuring more people turn up to mourn. Surely a well-stocked buffet is just as effective?

The announcement follows one of those internet sensations that broke out back in March, when a video emerged that showed a paid dancer yanking her clothes off at a funeral as baffled mourners, including children, looked on. The practise is rooted in cultural reasons, apparently, with superstitions believing that a well attended funeral is more likely to mean a successful spot in the afterlife for the deceased, even if all attendees are stifling erections while completely unaware of who the dead person in the box is.

The practise is definitely not encouraged. The organiser of the funereal strip show in March earned himself a fine of around £7,000 and a period of detention for putting on the show, with authorities saying such "obscene" events must stop -- even if it means the poor dead person has a disappointing turnout and has to spend the afterlife in a substandard apartment as a result. [WSJ]

Image credit: Sina/weibo