Company Claims to Have Created "Unstainable" White Shirt

By Gary Cutlack on at

A team of clothes-makers is offering what it calls an "unstainable" blouse for accident prone ladies, one that uses a "proprietary garment finish" based around nanotechnology to make a white thing that won't get stuff on it. Sweat just evaporates, red wine flows off straight onto the carpet or into the gutter. It's a miracle.

The practical wearable's Kickstarter campaign is accompanied by a bizarre short movie rather than the usual dreamy promotional promises, in which a lady foils an attempt at getting out of a job interview by supplying her work-shy sister with The Unstainable White Shirt.

The makers explain: "The finish is applied at the molecular level allowing complete breathability of the fabric; the Unstainable fibers are smaller than bacteria, so they don't clog the fabric weave," meaning it's machine washable and the stain-repelling powers won't wear out/off after a few rinses.

Here's a woman purposefully putting mustard and red wine on her crisp white shirt to absolutely no effect:


Amazing. It had better be a real thing, because the funding goal has already been smashed, with the $100k in pledges more than tripling the $30k target. They're still available in a variety of woman blouse formats, for $50 (£32) a pop.[Kickstarter]